Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Coming of Andrew Quatré

My Baby Aque.. Me and Mommy are waiting for you.. :D

Life As We Know IT

There comes a time in people's lives that they feel somewhat tired. Tired in their daily routine, in their jobs, in their love life and even almost in any aspect. Are those people who feel this way are somewhat not contented in their lives?

Life as we know it is sometimes unfair and tiring. Is this the result of not being contented?

People stop doing the things they do because they are tired of their daily routine. They quit their jobs because they become tired. They leave their loved ones because they grew tired.

But how far does the consequences go when people become tired?

Strangely enough, there are still some who chose to endure the feeling of not being contented in what/who they have. They are strong but for how long can they endure?

People are like bombs. When the right time and situation come, they just explode, hitting anyone and anything in their path.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just a Thought.. :D

I know that there is a saying that the reward for HARD WORK is MORE WORK..

I prefer the saying, the REWARD FOR HARD WORK is SALARY INCREASE!!!.. :D

Hear me out MANAGEMENT.. nyahahahahaha.. :D

Sana nga SALARY INCREASE na lang kaysa more work, wala naman kapalit.. :D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A First Time Flyer : A Trip to Bangkok Thailand

August 9 to 14, 2010

Senti Mode..

Yesterday, while I was with you.. There were a few thoughts that have been going around inside my mind.. Thoughts of dreams and plans I wanted for the both of us.. You and me..

In my mind, I had thoughts of my dreams for us.. I wanted for us to have a carefree life.. A life that we don't have much to do but to be together.. Doing things that I like and you like and we both like.. And sharing the things we like to one another.. Waking up in the morning and feel no stress or worries for the day ahead of us and sleeping at night without having any arguments or conflicts for the day..

I wanted a life for the both of us.. A life that we have all the time in the world.. Driving around to wherever we want.. Eat what we want.. Do crazy stuff that we haven't done before.. And work only because we wanted to..not because we are obliged to...


How can I achieve this dream for us... ? I hope when the time comes that this dream of mine for us will be fulfilled, it's not yet the end of the world...

Don't get me wrong..

I love how we are living our lives now and how we are spending our time for each other... It is just that, I wanted something more for you..for us..

It's not that bad to dream right?..

Cause it's not far from reality.. It's no fantasy like a kid dreaming to fly..or to have superhuman strength..

All I need is just a good game plan..

And I hope, all goes well...for my dream..for us..

"God's blessing is pure and true. He does not bring trouble to it.."

August 16, 2010